Why You Should Avoid The ER If You’re Having A Dental Emergency

Good dental hygiene won’t just improve the look and smell of your mouth it will also ensure the health and quality of your teeth. But some people will put off a visit to the dentist for a number of reasons. It might be the cost of the visit that puts them off from keeping routine appointments. There’s also the fear factor that makes them wait until they are dealing with something painful that needs urgent care. 

Unfortunately, both reasons can leave you dealing with bigger problems that can seriously impact your wallet and your smile. Many people believe they can go right to their local emergency room in the event of a dental emergency, but that’s not really the case. In fact, there are significant reasons why you should avoid the ER entirely if you have a urgent matter with your teeth or gums. 


The average cost of a visit to your local emergency room is roughly $876 for anything related to dental treatment. That’s a pretty substantial dollar figure and a cost that you shouldn’t have to pay, not when you keep up with your routine dental appointments. Visiting your dentist can actually save you money in emergency costs because you can get diagnosed for dental issues that might emerge before they become an emergency. 

A routine visit is also much cheaper than a visit to your regular ER. Preventive care is the best possible method for managing your dental issues and finding out you may have a potential dental issue that needs treatment is a better way of dealing with the matter then if you have to run to an emergency room when that issue becomes intolerable. 

Dentistry in the Emergency Room

While your local urgent care or emergency ward seems like a last resort for dealing with a dental emergency, it’s actually far from your best option. In fact, emergency rooms in most states are forbidden law to perform dentistry on patients, regardless of their condition or pain level. They can’t even do some of the most basic dental procedures such as tooth extraction, filling cavities, or any kind of restorative dental surgery. 

The only thing they can do is prescribe antibiotics and/or painkillers to patients who are in dire need. But that means waiting until your dental office is open the next morning or possibly through the weekend in the event your dentist can’t be reached. 

Most emergency rooms do not have dental professionals on call either. Your only other option is to locate one of your local Chesterfield emergency dentists who specialize in dealing with emergency matters at all hours. Only these dental professionals have the capabilities, facilities, and legal permission to work on patients who are dealing with a dental-related emergency that needs immediate attention. 

In case you are unable to get to a dental facility for an emergency and the ER is your only option, be prepared to wait as emergency rooms will put patients with the most urgent life-threatening conditions at the head of the line for treatment.