Things You Need to Know When You Get Injury in A Boating Accident

As per the statistics obtained by the US Coast Guard, it was found that every year nearly 8,000 boating accidents occur. More than 800 cases of casualties are recorded that leads to several million dollars of property damage. Serious financial compensation for the injuries caused to the victims would never make up the loss incurred on the physical and emotional levels. To assist in such terrible situation, assistance of a competent attorney proves to be very beneficial.

Cruise Ship Accidents

An injury that happens on a cruise ship is caused to either a passenger or a crewmember. Where crew members can apply for compensation claims, passengers can claim for compensation against the negligence of vessel owners under the “Jones Act.” One has to determine that the vessel was a ship. Its status will determine the kind of law that will be applicable and the recoverable damages too.

Once the determination of vessel is made, jurisdiction has to be determined. You need to approach a lawyer that practice in federal law cases. This is because it becomes a federal law case when the injury happens while you were on a vessel navigating through waters. This law safeguards cruise ship passengers to combat injuries that happened due to negligence.


The owner of the ship is mainly held responsible for the injury caused to the passenger. This is because the owner owes visitor a sense of duty of taking their reasonable care and protecting them from any dangerous situations on the vessel.


If the passenger gets injured due to the negligence of a crewmember, then liability might differ on the basis of the court and the circumstances. For the mistakes done by the employees, many courts held their employees liable for it.

Medical Negligence

Claim for a medical negligence differentiates on the basis of jurisdiction. In some authorities, it is the duty of cruise ship owners to hire qualified medical doctors. In other jurisdictions, the cruise ship owners are responsible for the actions committed by their medical staff provided that one shows that negligence happened in the administration of the medical treatment. It is advisable to talk to your attorney to find out medical negligence law applicable in your court.

Why should you go to an attorney for your case?

If you have suffered due to an injury while you are on a cruise ship, then you must take assistance of a reputed law attorney to discuss remedies under federal law. They ensure that you get maximum compensation you deserve. Christopher Simon Attorney at Law is widely known car accident and wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta, USA. Following task are carried out by them to ensure successful handling of the case:

  • Gather Evidence
  • File Paperwork
  • Negotiate and Mediate
  • Representing victim in Court


Boating accidents can cause severe repercussions like serious injuries and sometimes even death of the person. Specialized assistance of lawyers will definitely assist you to navigate through the complexities involved in the case to work in your favor.