Prevention Of Various Types of Injuries That Can Sideline You As An Athlete

The worst thing that can happen to an athlete is not that of being benched but rather getting injured. When you are benched you have the ability to earn your starting spot back but an injury simply sidelines you. This does not allow you to improve in any way physically and can really have an negative impact on the athlete’s confidence. There are many injuries that can be prevented but with this being said freak accidents can happen. The following are ways to prevent different injuries that can sideline you as an athlete.

Just Wear a Mouthpiece

Any expert dentists like those found at Southcentre Dental will recommend that you wear a mouthpiece for all contact sports. Even high school state athletic associations have forced mouthpieces for basketball players among other sports. If you clench your jaw while lifting weight this can be recommended as the last thing you want is a few chipped teeth due to a heavy squat set. You can even have these mouthpieces custom made so they fit you perfectly.

Always Use A Spotter

Young athletes that are trying to bulk up seem to try to lift weights that simply are not safe without a spotter. Not having a spotter can end in serious injury as there are times a lifter could pass out and a spotter could save their life or them from a broken leg. The best thing to do is to have a lifting partner as this is a built in partner as asking for a spot can be embarrassing for some who might just be starting out in the weight room. You are trying to get better by lifting weights so avoid injury at all possible costs.

Prevent Overuse Injuries

There is not person that knows your body better than yourself so you need to learn to listen to it. A coach could be pushing you to do more and more but understand that overuse injuries are quite common. Rest and recovery are imperative in avoiding these types of injuries for those people like pitchers, swimmers, tennis players, as well as gymnasts. The last thing you need is rotator cuff surgery just because you did not take enough time off between really working your arm out.

Wear Shoes With Proper Support

Nobody cares how cool your shoes or cleats look if you are constantly getting injured. Find a pair of shoes with the proper support and invest in ankle braces if you seem to have overly flexible ankles. If you have team assigned shoes simply ask the coach if another shoe with the same colors will suffice as you are worried about getting injured. There are going to be those stickler coaches but for an above average player a coach will bend this rule for the good of the team.

Avoiding injury can allow an athlete to continually improve without hitting a plateau. Great athletes seem to avoid injury for entire careers due to their preventative measures. Be the best athlete possible by staying on the field through intelligent injury prevention.