Lost Six Pounds In Two Months With Ultra Omega Burn…Will Continue

About seven years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. When I received my diagnosis, I was absolutely devastated. It took two rounds of radiation and three rounds of chemo, but I pulled through like a champion. Needless to say, all of the treatment I received caused me to lose 50 pounds. I looked like death and was nothing but skin and bones.

I know that it was not healthy for me to be so skinny, but I am not going to lie. I really enjoyed all the weight I lost. See, I have been overweight most of my life. After losing 50 pounds, once the chemo and radiation were over, I felt better than I ever had. I was so happy to be told my cancer was in remission and to be walking around in pants the same size that I had worn when I was 15.

As you can imagine, though, once the effects of the chemo and radiation were gone, I started to eat more. My appetite returned, and it wasn’t long before I started packing on the weight. Within two years of being in remission, I had gained nearly 30 pounds of the weight I had lost. I was so unhappy with myself. Sure, I was grateful that my cancer was gone, but gaining weight made me sink into a deep depression and gave me horrible anxiety because I didn’t want everyone to see adding the weight back on.

I’ve been walking around with this extra weight for nearly five years now, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to lose it. My mom told me about Ultra Omega Burn and said she had read good reviews on it. With a determination to lose the weight I had gained, I decided to invest in a bottle, and while the results haven’t been phenomenal, overall they haven’t been bad either. I’ve been taking the pills for about two months and I have lost close to six pounds. A lot of this has probably been influenced by the fact that I now walk almost two miles each morning to work instead of taking the subway, but I do think the pills helped a lot.

If I don’t start losing more weight more quickly, then I am going to stop taking them and continue walking two miles each morning and see if I continue to lose at the same pace. If I stop losing weight, then I’m going to start taking the pills again and see if they truly are the influencing factor as to why I’ve lost six pounds over the past few weeks.