Learn About Anabolic Steroids And Their Side Effects

There are few natural as well as synthetic hormones available in the market that contains certain substances, which can help in the muscle gains and strength. These are known as anabolic steroids. Testosterone is an example of natural hormone that is found in humans. There are synthetic anabolic-androgenic products called steroids available that can mimic the action of this male hormone called testosterone. This hormone can boost male sex characteristics and as a result it can help in building up of muscles.

People in the field of athletes and bodybuilding are the consumers of such steroids in order to improve their performance in the field. These steroids are available in both oral as well as injectable forms. However officially most of the sports authority has banned the usage of steroids for participating in any competitive sports.

Medical applications

Anabolic steroids are primarily meant for medical usage and doctors often prescribe these steroids for treatment of many different medical issues. Some of the typical medical usages are as follows:

  • For treatment of delayed puberty for boys
  • Muscles loss due to long illness like AIDS etc.
  • Men with lower sex drive
  • Breast cancer and lower blood cell count
  • As a hormone treatment for transgender female

Some of the common anabolic steroids that are prescribed are oxymetholone, stanozolol, nandrolone, trenbolone and fluoxymesterone. These drugs are listed under schedule III substance and hence to buy them without any medical prescription from any registered medical practitioner is considered to be crime in the USA. You can check over here for sourcing these steroids.

Abuse of Steroids

Due to restrictions in its use these steroids are often abused by sports people for their performance enhancement. These steroids are generally sourced from foreign countries or certain underground drug suppliers and they can be available in the forms of creams, gels, pills and patches. Those who abuse these steroids take much larger doses than medically prescribed and as a result may get side effects too. These abused steroids generally imported under the name of juice, gym candy, gear, Arnolds, stackers, Roids and weight gainers.

Various side effects due to abuse of Anabolic steroid abuse

People generally take excess dosage in order to improve athletic performance and muscle gain, however along with that it produces certain unpleasant side effects too. Some of the side effects can be dangerous and irreversible too particularly if it is taken at higher doses. Following are few common side effects:

  • Mood swing and behavioral changes

People become either too aggressive or sometime very irritable too. The mood swings can be clearly noticed. If they absent from steroid then may remain under depression.

  • Physical changes in boys

Adolescent boys may develop uncontrolled sexual behavior, abnormal growth and development of acne on face.

  • Women and girls

Females can develop few male characteristics like body hair, beard, male type baldness and deeper voice. Their menstrual problem may be noticed and also enlarged clitoris.

  • Men

Low sperm count, shrunken testicles, enlarged breast, risk of developing prostate cancer.

  • Increased blood pressure, cholesterol level, liver problems
  • HIV, hepatitis B and C

Due to above reasons most of the sports authorities banned the use of steroids totally for sportsmen.