Gymming Equipments

Gymming as it looks appealing and fun thing but it is not an easy task to do. To gain or loose weight there are many exercises that you have to do on daily basis to get maximum result. There are many types of equipment in gym that you have to encounter with on daily basis and these workout routine is your holy grail to achieve your fit body goal.

 Types of equipment

Well as we all know gym contains two types of equipment. These equipments help you to stay gym fit not only physically but also mentally.  Two types of equipments are

1) Free weights

2) Machines

Curl Bars

For Biceps and Triceps exercises Curl Bars are used. These bars are shorter than normal barbell and it contains hand grips placements too. This is ideal because it can help you in decreasing straight stress on your wrist while you are working on your muscle with different angles. Gazelle machines are also very important for cardio exercise and inner core.


Barbell is weight lifting and muscle gaining equipment. This equipment is used for body building, Weight lifting and for power exercises. Barbells also contain a bar that is used to equalize the weights. Barbells come in different sizes and different weights.

Dipping Bars

A dipping station is made up of two parallel straight bars allows you to put your whole body weight on that bar and dip it on it and is great to help with chest workout, shoulder and triceps.


If you see a dumbbell you can see a barbell but in shorter form. A dumbbell is normally 10-15 inches long and it can be handling with one hand for different body exercises. If you go to a gym of gym store you can see a rack of dumbbells containing different types and weights of dumbbells starting from 5lbs to 100lbs. There are small weights adjustable dumbbells too by which you can easily switch weight plates of your choice they are much less in price and take less space.

Triceps bar

It’s called the triceps bar but it can help you in different body muscle besides triceps. The structure of this Tricep Bar is Oval and contains 2 side short bars for hand grips, Triceps bar is similar to Ez bar because it reduces constant stress on your wrist and allows you to work real hard.

Chin-up Bars

Its name suggests it usage. Chin up bar is either attached the exercise machine or straight to the wall facing you and it’s great to stretch your back, biceps and arms with it.

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