Famous Fat Loss Quotes by Celebrities

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Famous Fat Loss Quotes by Celebrities by

  • “If I train abs really hard every day, I will lose belly fat and get a six-pack.” TOBIAS YOUNG
  • “You can turn all of your body fat into toned muscle by lifting weights.” JEAN THOMPSON
  • “When trying to lose weight you need to drop your crabs and fats, but keep your protein intake high.” ALEX CARNEIRO
  • “Eating fat makes you fat.” KELLY RANNIE
  • “Cardio is all I need for fat loss.” NOAH SIEGEL
  • “Eating small meals frequently speeds up your metabolism so you can burn more fat.” KELECHI OPARA
  • “Weight loss can change your whole character. That always amazed me: Shedding pounds does change your personality. It changes your philosophy of life because you recognize that you are capable of using your mind to change your body.” JEAN NIDETCH
  • “Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.” PHIL MCGRAW
  • “Excess exercise tends to be counterbalanced by excess hunger, exemplified by the phrase ‘working up an appetite.’ A few people with extraordinary willpower can resist such hunger day after day, but for the vast majority, weight loss through exercise is a flawed option.” ANDREW WEIL
  • “I freak out if I go a little too long without being in the gym. For a long time it was all about getting the weight off because I was 240 pounds at my heaviest, and now I’m around 175, so the majority of that weight loss was due to diet and exercise.” NICK CARTER
  • “No one wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I want to gain 150 pounds and I will start right now!” TRICIA CUNNINGHAM
  • “I looked at him nonplussed. I realized that I have spent so many years being on a diet that the idea that you might actually need calories to survive has been completely wiped out of my consciousness. Have reached the point where believe the nutritional ideal is to eat nothing at all, and that the only reason people eat is that they are so greedy they cannot stop themselves from breaking out and ruining their diets.” HELEN FIELDING
  • “It was after I first began to uplift my thoughts a bit that my cravings for junk food started to dissipate. I did not connect the two at that time. First, I simply noticed that I didn’t need to sleep so much. It took a while before I realized that in addition to my improved energy level, there was a direct correlation between chewing on mental garbage and putting garbage in my mouth.” HOLLY MOSIER


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