E-liquids – How are they better, safer and healthier than smoking?

If you consider the population who are vapers, you will find that majority of them are ex-smokers who are pretty aware of the fact that smoking cigarettes has got health risks as against vaping. This is the main reason behind more and more vapers being interested in organic juices. Due to the growth in vaping sector, there has been a stress on the safety and quality of products and on the cheap e-juices that are nowadays available in the market.

This is the reason for which there has been an innovation of new e-liquids and there are several vapers who have appreciated the fact that e-liquids can be now made at home. Electronic cigarettes and vape pens can be got at sites like and hence you should know their benefits before opting for them. Here are some points to take note of.

  • Saves your dollars

Electronic cigarettes and vape pens are much less costly than smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you consider the cost of a pack of tobacco cigarettes, they will cost you $7 to $19, depending on the place you live. A single cartridge of an electronic cigarette is equivalent to a full pack and this costs just $2. Do you understand that this is a $4-$9 savings per pack? You can also save by using e-liquids and by filling the cartridges all by yourself.

  • You can actually smoke much less by vaping

Whenever you smoke a regular cigarette, you’ll feel obliged to smoke the total cigarette all at once. The electronic cigarettes allow you to take puffs and then put it off for the next time. You will naturally tend to smoke less than what you do when you use tobacco cigarettes. Though the e-cigs don’t sit inside an ashtray, hence you won’t even have the feeling of burning your own dollars.

  • No smell of smoke

When you smoke, the smell of smoke lingers on to your clothes, hair, breath and also to your fingers. Rather than using them, if you use an electronic cigarette, you won’t have any kind of smell or any smokey odor. This is because when you vape, you breathe in vapor and what you release is also vapor. There is no hot end for electronic cigarettes and hence the possibility of a burn is minimum.

Therefore, whenever you’re confused about whether to vape and quit smoking, you should take into account the above mentioned points which vouch the fact that vaping is far healthier than smoking.