Does marijuana boost creativity level?

Cannabis has been the most popular illicit substance in the world but slowly it is getting legalized in different parts of the world. According to the reports consumption of cannabis has increased since the 1960s especially among the young people of North America, Europe, and Australia. Continuous research and reports helped the government realize the medical benefits of cannabis and hence is one of the major reasons for the legalization of cannabinoids.

For years number of myths has been circulated about the consumption of marijuana and related stuff, few people claim it to be addictive and dangerous to health while others termed it as the stress buster. Many of the regular marijuana consumers claim that marijuana and hashish make them relaxed and creative and the study also claims that around 50% of users experienced increased creativity.

The researchers considered two kinds of creative thought process namely divergent and convergent thinking. Divergent thinking can be defined as the thought process to generate as much solution as possible by the brainstorming process whereas the convergent thinking involves judging an infinite number of options to finalize the right one. As per the report no major difference was found between the cannabis users and non-users in case of divergent thinking but in case of convergent thinking, the cannabis users outperformed.

Number of researches has been conducted by the experts and most of the time the result conflicts from one another. It has been believed that the effect of cannabis on the human body depends on a number of factors including the personality of the consumer or the strain of weed which one decides to use. Moreover, the effect of the weed is also influenced by the method of intake which includes smoking, ingesting via an edible, vaping, transdermal patch or another method.

No doubt, talent, and dedication are the key factors which induce the creativity level of an individual and therefore it is necessary to analyze and study the property and associated effect of cannabis. It is believed that the intake of cannabis can work as a catalyst but there are no certain evidence. Below are some of the facts which state the impact of marijuana on the creativity level of the user

  1. THC level

According to a study report of 2015, high dose of THC intake (say 22mg) decreases the divergent level whereas consumption of lower amount (say 5.5 mg) can enhance the divergent thinking of human being. Hence, the study concludes that the dosage of cannabis can greatly influence the after effects and therefore various strains will have different effects on the creativity of individual and the result is not universal.

  1. Baseline creativity

People often think that consuming marijuana will improve their creativity level but this is not how it works.  The researcher has studied the concept with the help of two groups, where one group was of the dedicated and talented individual while the other was of non-talented. Certain tests have been taken when they were sober and after a week the test was again taken when all of them were high. No result states that consumption of marijuana has the potential to increase the creativity in people who usually aren’t creative but had drastic effects on those who are already creative.

Hence, one cannot depend on the consumption of cannabis for improved creativity as the result varies from person to person and the baseline creativity plays a major role. However, future studies are needed as they will better illustrate the effects of various cannabinoids and their dosage on the thought process and creativity level of the consumers.  Namaste is one of the well known and licensed cannabis suppliers in Canada offering a wide variety of products to help people experience medical benefits.