Common HIIT Mistakes That You Should Avoid

HIIT is literally getting great buzz everywhere. For anyone who does not know what HIIT is, it means high intensity interval training. It basically means a person would perform a high intensity exercise and take a brief rest alternatively. This goes on till the person’s able to take it. Even celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears prefer performing HIIT. However, beginners tend to make some mistakes while doing this kind of exercise. Here’s a list of mistakes that you should avoid while performing HIIT.

Stretching the time of exercise

One of the primary reasons why people prefer HIIT to other combinations and types of exercise is that it is a short duration exercise. Extending your exercise duration for HIIT won’t really make it better. It basically is a combination where you exercise intensively for 4 to 6 minutes and then take some rest. It is not really HIIT if it is going on for too long. Exercises are combined such that it is impossible to stretch them for too long. Especially for beginners, it should not last too long if you are performing HIIT.

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Not increasing the intensity

As already mentioned an effective HIIT is a combination of both intense work out and resting intervals. HIIT is highly challenging and should feel so. If you exercise, take break, and exercise, it is just normal exercise and there’s no goodness of HIIT.  HIIT means increasing the intensity of the exercise with each resting period such that you reach the maximum point of your limit after which you finish off.

Not resting

Just as important as intensity is, resting is equally important. In fact, the resting period is what helps you efficiently increase the intensity of workout gradually. Without the resting period, you would just crash really quickly without being able to intensify your workout sessions.  You need to give yourself enough resting time based on how intense your workout is. The more intense it is, the more time you need to recover. As you perform HIIT for a long time, the resting time will automatically decrease. However, initially you should not voluntarily cut down on resting time.

Skipping warm-up

Warm up is usually very important when you are about to perform any kind of exercise. However, the importance of warm up before performing HIIT is unparalleled. HIIT involves intense exercises. If you start off with HIIT and skip warming up, it means your heart rate suddenly increases, which is not a great thing. To make it an even escalation, you have to make sure you first warm up and then expose your body to high intensity workout.

HIIT Everyday

Too much of anything can make it a bad thing. Even in the case of HIIT, even if it feels really effective, you should not be doing it every day. This high intensity workout combination makes your body demand more recovery time than other exercises. This is why you should not be doing HIIT every day of the week. Overdoing it would only mean getting exhausted and causing you injury. To know the right kind of interval in which you should be performing HIIT, you need to consult your instructor. You can even join Fitness First Thailand high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes to get a clear idea of what exercises to include in your HIIT workout session.