Breast Surgery Procedure, Cost, Recovery

Breast Surgery Procedure, Cost, Recovery

Many of you might have dislocated breast size. This becomes a major issue among women in the whole world. Furthermore, if you want to go for breast augmentation procedure then you need to transfer some fats from your body to your breast. And, if you are searching for breast reduction surgery then you need to get remove some lump fats from your body, just like you do by following some strict food diet. Finally, in this way you can go for breast surgery procedure.

However, most of the women who go for the surgery for both augmentation as well as reduction of breast are given all the details here in this content. Before we speak in detail procedure, let’s first view what is breast surgery, procedure, cost, recovery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure:

It is very important to follow some guidelines before you consult your surgeon for breast reduction surgery. In addition to it, you must be open to talk with your Doctor why are you going for breast reduction surgery. If it’s in Brazil, before the Mamoplastia Brasilia your Doctor will also ask you many other questions regarding your personal issues and your habits. You may also need to go for a mammogram before you proceed for breast reduction surgery.

Likewise, depending on your situation, surgery will be done in outpatient or even you may need to spend a night in a healthcare centre or hospital. And remember that during the surgery you will be given general anaesthesia. This means you will have to go for sleep during surgery. The surgery will takes place for three to five hours or it may take longer time. Accordingly, a cut around your nipple will be done and then slowly some tissues as well as fats from your breast will be taken out after a small cut downward your breast.

This surgery is also called mammaplasty where lumps of fats will be removed to give you the size of breast that you needed. Also, remember that during breast surgery your surgeon may need to use drainage tubes and finally stitch your breast. At last, keep in mind that you may need to put on surgical bra when necessary.

Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Breast Augmentation also called boob job rather involves transfer of fats accordingly to enlarge breast size. Of course, this procedure will give the exact shape that you wanted to make your breast look larger in size. Apart from transferring fats, breast augmentation can be done either with saline or silicone implants.

To start the surgery, you must follow some guidelines that include good health; eating habits must be followed strictly as guided by your surgeon. However, if you are a frequent smoker then you need to completely stop that smoking habits before and after surgery. Also, meet a good surgeon who can solve your problems with ease and who has a better experience other than anyone.

Breast Surgery Cost:

Breast surgery varies according to the place and location. However, according to Plastic Surgeons from America the cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery or Breast Implants Price is approximately $4,000 – $6,000. This price includes the entire entire hospital fee, surgeons’ fee, medical test fee, maintenance charge etc.

Similarly, cost of Breast Reduction Surgery also varies differently. But, when you wish to know about the average cost then it would be around $5,000 – $6,000. This price range also includes hospital charge, surgeon’s fee, care & maintenance charge, medical test charge and more.

Breast Surgery Recovery:

Before you go for surgery for either breast reduction or augmentation, you must take a long leave from your work, may be for a week. If you are little weaker from inside then you may need two – three weeks to get fully recovered. Also, ask your surgeon when you shall meet him again for removing stitches and bandages.

After surgery you need to plan for a complete rest without any hard work such as physical activity. Breast pain after surgery is frequent, so your Doctor will give you some pain killer to make your pain feel better.

Yes, side effects will surely be there that includes scars. Time on time, scars will get faded slowly but will never get erased completely although it is quite a normal case in breast surgery. But, if you follow proper guidelines and routines instructed by your surgeon then eventually your matters will be solved. In general it advised not to take any tours and travels, no exercises, no heavy duty etc.

So, these are the breast surgery procedure, cost, recovery guide. We hope that you are definite clear with your doubts about such cosmetic surgery. Make sure you carefully review all the details that we have given above. If any complication occurs, do visit to your nearest surgeon as soon as possible.