Baby Exercise Tips and Tricks for New Parents

It is so natural that you will remain busy all the time with your little kid as a new mom. But, you should never put a stop to your workout sessions due to the newborn. Rather, your little one can be the source of inspiration and your companion in the exercise session.

Yes, you read it right. You both can make some moves together that can even take the bonding to the next level. All you need is- Your doctor’s approval, for both of you to start workouts at home.

Here are some quick and engaging baby exercise Tips and Tricks for New Parents that you can try. Let’s check them out in the following!

Baby Dancing:

Baby Dancing, (Sounds funny) huh? But, it can certainly be a great workout to have some cardiovascular benefits. Also, this particular form of exercise, not gym certified though, can surely improve the balance of your baby as well. Baby Dancing can be a decent exercise to bring you in mood despite your stress and nursing tiredness.

It doesn’t require much effort and time, and you can simply start holding your baby close to your heart. You can also try a Baby Front Carrier to hold your baby.

However, the best practice is holding the baby by yourself. It makes the baby feel secure no matter how hard you move. You can also put your baby inside a Baby Jumper, and sing & dance around him/her.

Multi-tasking Move:

You will be surprised to know that babies can imitate every move you make. They can behave or react the same way you do to someone or on certain things. Multi-tasking move is such an exercise you can try, and let your kid imitate you.

In order to practice this particular form, lie-down on your left, prop up the upper portion of your body on your left forearm keeping your elbows under the shoulder.

Now, place your left leg on the floor, stack your right leg on the top of it, and rest your right arm on the hip. Place your weight on the left arm & shoulder, and pose like side plank lifting your hips off the ground.

Reverse Baby Curl:

Both baby curl and reverse baby curl can be a standard exercise to tone the muscles in the lower portion of your body. To perform this particular exercise, lie on your back and draw your knees towards the chest. Now, place your kid on the shins.

Now, lift your head and shoulder, also tilt your hips off the floor, and make a rocking back and forth motion. Your little one will explode with joy and giggle every time you make rocker motion.

Apart from these most popular Baby Exercise Tips, you can also try Baby Overhead Press, Baby Bench Press, High Chair Lunges, etc. once you get the green signal from your doctor for workouts.

Make sure you have safety precautions for the baby while exercising with the little one. Now, get started to produce some sweat with your kid and make parenting more delightful.