An introduction to the Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a sport which is originating from Brazil and has become very famous during the last decade between all the combat sports. This sport was developed in the 1909, and today, we are having many masters in it, as well as people loving it and working on improving their technique all around the globe. In a fact, its origin is taking a part from the Kodokan judo, taking one part from the fighting based on the ground, which was adapted and made into a whole new sport. During its development, people were practicing a new techniques and implemented some part from the judo technique as well in order to make it as it is now.

The main principle of this defense technique

The core philosophy of this sport is coming from the teaching that if you learn one defense technique, and work on improving it, you can win over everyone playing as your opponent, besides your weight and straight and the partner’s one. This sport is mostly made by learning how to defeat your opponent and make him give up the fight by fighting him on the ground. People that are practicing this technique are spending a lot of time in exercising, preparing their body to be flexible enough, and have a certain straight in order to do the best during the matches. Also, when it comes to being good in this sport, you should have a well-developed sense of awareness, since you are supposed to predict and catch every movement that your opponent will make. In order to achieve all of that, you must be very enthusiastic and motivated about it.

The style that is used

When it comes to the style of fighting that is used when practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu (furthermore mentioned as BJJ), we can clearly state that the first thing which is promoted is knowing how to defend yourself successfully no matter how big and powerful your opponent is. The first thing you need to do is to put your opponent down, and there are several techniques of doing it. The most important thing in this process is knowing how to make a powerful strike, which takes a lot of training and exercise in order to do it successfully. The first method involves making a chokehold, which is a technique in which the opponent is being choked and hold, in order to make it easier to tear him to the ground. After that, a technique of joint locking is being used, which is involving catching the opponent’s joint in order to make him unavailable to move. This may cause several injuries, so it is very important that during the BJJ trainings this technique is implemented with a lot of awareness. If a person is performing both of the techniques with full straight, it can lead to broken bones, fractures, or even death.

Types of BJJ trainings

The BJJ trainings involve a lot of physical exercises, helping to the person practicing this sport to gain more straight and be in a better fighting condition. Also, the techniques are being exercised, doing them repetitively, in order to be ready for the fight.

During the time, many other ways of exercising were developed, in order to fill the person’s needs when it comes to exercising more even after the regular trainings. Many people are choosing to use BJJ grappling dummies, which are helping them exercise all the new techniques without the need of having a physical partner near them. This is making the way of exercising a lot easier, since they are made and designed especially for this kind of training. They are made of a special material which is giving you enough flexibility, but yet, their position can provide you a great training when it comes to exercising the previously learned techniques at home. Their usage is growing rapidly in this sport since there is no opponent that can suit your needs and enthusiasm all the time, and when owning a grappling dummy, you can place it everywhere you want and exercise as much as you feel like you should. There are no limits in the power you are using, and you can’t get a certain injury when exercising.