The Three Anchors of Wellness

The Three Anchors of Wellness

Spring is here and it’s a time of self-renewal and self-evaluation. Have you lost that spring in your step? Do you always feel tired and overwhelmed?  There’s a solution to that sense of malaise and it doesn’t come in the form of a tablet. See this as an opportunity to treat yourself to a new life of wellness. Take baby steps and you’ll be on your way to sustaining a lifetime of heathy choices and wellness. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to start your journey.

The three anchors of wellness are a body in motion, healthy eating choices and conscious investments in your relationships. Notice that extreme dieting, pain inducing exercise and quick fix pills were not in the formula for wellness? Those are short term fixes created by a billion dollar industry aimed at seducing you into thinking drastic measures are necessary to achieve wellness. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s not complicated.

Start by getting off the couch and away from your digital screens. Commit to walking at a brisk pace at least four times per week for thirty minutes. Grab a friend, grab your earbuds or just enjoy your surroundings. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on active wear from the great selection available at aerie. After a few short weeks you’ll have succeeded in creating a habit and enjoy a new sense of energy and purpose.

Be mindful of your food choices. Decide, once and for all, to ditch fast food restaurants and sugar laden sodas. Those two choices alone will help reduce energy swings, weight gain, bloating, inflammation, high blood pressure and fatigue. Substitute those foods with fresh vegetables, lean meats & fish and copious amounts of water flavored with lemon slices or a splash of pomegranate juice. Eating can become fun again – take the time and experiment. You will rediscover your taste buds in the process.

Finally, call a friend, coworker or family member and arrange a get together for lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee. Rekindling old relationship is much easier, and richer, than starting from scratch. Enjoy your new journey to wellness!