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How To Get Enough Vitamin D

Enough vitamin D is important to keep the phosphorous and calcium levels in the body moderated. It is essential for your muscle, hair, teeth, and bone health. In some serious cases of vitamin D deficiency, one can risk Rickets and Osteomalacia.

 The two main sources of getting vitamin D is by exposing your skin to sunlight or through vitamin D supplements. Getting the required amount of vitamin D from food is not that easy and sunlight remains the main source of it.

Making sure that your skin does not start to burn from the exposure to sunlight is important. You can receive a sufficient amount of vitamin D from sunlight by only spending half the time it takes to offset skin burn in the sun.

How much Vitamin D you are receiving depends on the level of exposure, time of the day and the duration of exposure. On the other hand, if you have very light skin and have more chances of getting burned than tanned, you can look into supplements. These come in various forms like tablets and soluble capsules.

 There are no restrictions in terms of time, amount or cycle when consuming vitamin D supplements. However, if you are on any medication or have any past record of allergies, you might want to consult your doctor before taking these up.

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