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Go Safe and Go Slow, Don’t risk your safety

As facing a serious road accident while way to home or somewhere else is the most painful thing a person could experience. It may lead to either completely losing his/her life or indulging in such a situation that the person gets bedridden or lose the essential body parts. There are many cases in which either people end up losing their memory or they become completely dependent on their family for their body movement and all. All this make the sufferer and his/her family hopeless. Bicycle safety is to be focused upon because:

  • Info about bicycle safety here is necessary as bicycle riding is full of fun and adventure but it is always said to remove caution accident.
  • We see many people doing stunts on their bicycle, which is a great threat to the passerby and for them too.
  • In addition, risking lives mere for fun is not a wise thing, every year many people including small children are admitted to emergency departments due to it.
  • According to reports, majority people suffer from brain injury or spine injury due to lack of info about bicycle safety here and accidents caused by carelessness with the same.
  • Therefore, it is important to have info driving a bicycle as it could prevent the rider and others from any serious injuries.

Bicycle accidents can be prevented by identifying the common causes of accidents during a bicycle ride. Accidents are caused due to some carelessness that we knowingly or unknowingly do while riding. Some of the careless mistakes include:

  • Listening to phone or listening songs on earphones, they may distract the rider and he/she may not be able to listen to the blowing horn.
  • Shoelaces not tied in a proper manner can be caught up in the chain or tyres.
  • Not only shoelaces but also straps of backpacks or veils /dupattas etc.
  • For girls, wearing heels while riding a bicycle may not allow them to have a proper grip on the pedals and could lead to an accident.
  • Riding on slippery roads in a rainy season when the speed is uncontrolled.
  •  Riding free handed in order to get some thrill; this thrill could cost them taking theirs or some other’s life.

After effects of a bicycle accident

If a bicycle rider ends up banging into a car or some heavy vehicle, he /she may lose his life or his/her essential body part. The injuries suffered by the sufferer may lead to a lifelong trauma and depression too.

Some of the drastic bicycle injuries include:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Going into a coma for a longer time period
  • Severe damage to ligaments
  • Severe damage to sufferers muscles
  • Facial damage or broken jaws etc. all these things become a sin to those families who are poor and lose their only helping/working hand of the house.

How can bicycle safety be achieved?

Bicycle safety is important in order to prevent ourselves and others from indulging in serious issues and can be achieved by:

  • Wearing a helmet and the helmet that meet the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • The helmet to be worn should fit on head i.e. it should not be too loose or too much tight so that complete attention is on the ride and not on setting the helmet.
  • Also, before going for a ride ensure all the brakes are working and check whether the handle and the wheels are in their best conditions.
  • Tyres should be a special check if they are worn out they may skid or may suddenly deflate leading to an accident if speed is not under control.
  • Check the oiling of the bicycle chains carefully every time while going for a ride.
  • All the safety rules such as hand indications while turning should be taught to small children and should be followed by everyone.
  • While traveling at night bright colored clothes should be preferred as they have larger wavelength and could be seen from a larger distance.