haircare goods and products and how you can substitute them with Keratin Shampoos.

Let’s face it, the day-to-day mistreat to your hair because of your hair care routine in crucial. Its very important that you have a little knowledge what ingredients in haircare only help your short term look and which helps your hair over the time.

Probably many do not know that silicons are polymers. They are mainly used for sealing in many fields.

Now we like to offer some extra information about silicone in haircare, which everybody should know to make a clever choice for his haircare products.

THE BASICS of Silicon

Silicone’s are an effective ingredient ordinarily used in hair care goods. It provides a better-looking slip and shine, can help to smooth and straighten hair as well. So there are positive effects why they are added.


Silicone’s have good side effects in haircare products as well. The unreal silicone layer make destroyed hair look healthy by covering each single hair. Silicones also protect your hair, keeping it smooth and shiny by ‘waterproofing’ each strand.

You can recognise Silicone unusually by names ending with “cone”.

Negative effects from silicone’s

Silicone’s is nearly as rubber or plastic. It is often used as for sealing against water as well as air. It is not a natural ingredient and its side effects are awful for our hair.

It gives the hair the appearance of shine, but it is a fake glow from the plastic. The shine we shine is when hair is properly hydrated and kept as healthy as possible and not artificial covered.

The silicone’s will weight-en your hair, will limp it and over the time, it will get very dull. Over the time the silicone cover will behave like a magnet for dust as well.

So we get a favourable shine for a couple of days, but over a longer time span due to lack of moisture, your hair will become very brittle which could lead to frizz as well as breakage.

The hair will dry out, because the silicone layers (or barrier) on your hair, will keep the nutrients as well as vitamin’s from getting in your hair, which will weaken the hair.

The Built Up Effect

By nature, silicone is very hydrophobic, meaning that they do not wash out easily, and so the silicone layers will adding up layer by layer. This lets your hair feeling heavy as well as greasy.

If you are unhappy with your look you will even wash and style your hair more adding additional silicon. A so called cycle of damage will be the result.


The industry says they have developed water-soluble silicone which should wash out a little bit more easy.

Have a look for goods containing Cyclomethicone. This will do everything silicone promises to do, with little side effects to your hair.


Non-water-soluble means that it will not dissolve in water, so you have to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the builtup.

Everything ending on “cone” will leave the hair feeling heavy and without volume. Have a close look for “Dimethicone” they are the hardest to get rid from your hair.


It is best to do a little research before you buy anything for yourself. There is a ingredient called KERATIN which has nearly the sam good effects in haircare but not having the bad ones. So keratin hair products are a very good choice for healthy hair.

A really interesting page you can find under …..

Silicone free keratin shampoos

To be sure what you use, look at the component list of the product you are interested in and have a look at the ingredients of the brand. If it has Keratin included it often says so on the cover as well.

Interesting to know is also that, the earlier mentioned the product is on the ingredient list, the higher the percentage of that element you will find in the product.

The bottom line concerning silicon free haircare !!!

This days there are many silicone free haircare goods and also great keratin shampoos on the market. We prefer and recommend not only goods without silicone , all organic are the real goods I am looking for. And if it contains Keratin even better.

Sometimes good, healthy products are a little bit more costly, but do not make compromises on the health and beauty. For the health of your body and your beauty you should only give the best to your body. Organic products without silicone cost only a little more and are the perfect hair care in long time.