4 to things to be considered after the Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure basically a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery that requires extreme artistic mind and set of skills from the Surgeon’s side and the rest of procedure success depends on the post-operative measures that are needed to be applied in order for regrowth of hair effectively. The hair transplant procedure must perform by the expert hair transplant Surgeon having a number of years’ experience in the same field with a many good numbers of the result. Generally, the hair transplant in India is the best and most selective decisions among the hair loss patients and offers the cost-worthy procedure with a very satisfying success rate of the restoration surgery. The hair transplant cost has been a most attractive factor in India that plays a major deciding role in the restoration surgery taken by the bald patients. First of all, the patient thinks and research regarding the best Surgeon and the best clinic and then goes into the in-depth research about the procedural techniques. There are a lot of inputs mentioned in the reputed hair restoration forums and platform to inform the patient about the procedural outcomes and benefits of the techniques in terms of a number of patients’ feedback.

The hair restoration surgery applies the process of hair root transfer from the donor location to the recipient bald area of the scalp that involves the direct contribution of hair follicle extraction, either by the FUT method or the FUE hair transplant. The procedure of restoration is quite easy and a healthy practice to sort out the problem of baldness that is both surgical and an artistic job requires an extreme artistic mind and précised surgical understanding in order to offer the utmost original outcome of the procedure.

There are some post surgery’s preparations that you must consider after the restoration surgery is as follows:

  1. Avoid the Sunlight for several weeks

It is recommended by the hair transplant Surgeons that after the surgery you need to refrain yourself from going outside without wearing the cap. The first and foremost important job after the surgery is to save your scalp from infection and allow the wounds to heal quicker. It is good to wear a cap for a several weeks after the surgery. It must be noted that your hat or cap will be loose fitting as it prevents the new graft from scrapping. You do not require putting up the cap for a long and after several weeks you can replace the cap with sunscreen lotion that must have 30 SPF.

  1. Sleeping in a right posture to allow blood flow

It is very important to maintain a continuous blood flow to the scalp area in a healthy manner to support the hair follicles to grow after the hair restoration surgery. Surgeons recommend the patient to sleep in a posture that lifts your head upright. You can use the pillow or wedge-shaped pillow to lift your scalp. The upright sleeping posture helps in maintaining enough blood supply to the head.

  1. How to clean hair after hair transplantation

The first head wash after the hair transplant surgery is given by the reputed hospital where you received the procedure. You’ll likely to be given the instructions about the way of shampooing. You should wash your scalp gently, but thoroughly in order to save the new graft from scrapping. You must refrain yourself from using the chemical-based shampoo and use only mild or baby shampoo, which is prescribed by your Doctor. The post-surgical job of head wash is the most concerning jobs that must follow by the given instructions and methods.

  1. Doctor Visit

As a matter of fact, it is not required to regularly visit with the clinic/Doctor after the hair transplantation, except for one or two head wash, which is done in the clinic to educate patients about the post-care instructions. Yet, you must visit the respective clinic to show the growth of new graft onto the scalp. The evaluation will help you to know about the progress of hair transplantation. You may ask your Doctor about when should start the combing after experiencing the regrowth of hair. Perhaps, you can thrill at how soon you are allowed for combing.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the smooth plastics and cosmetic surgical procedures that require a bit preparation after the procedure in order to get the best cosmetic benefits of the restoration surgery.