Who do you call when you get hurt on the job?

In a line which is reminiscent to the tag line for the 1980’s blockbuster hit, The Ghostbusters, “who do you call?” “Who do you call when you get hurt on the job?” is in reminiscence to the doctor you should see if you should ever get injured while working. If you live in North Texas, a worker’s compensation doctor in Arlington, TX who you should see is Superior Injury Care. Just like the expert ghostbusters in the film The Ghostbusters, the doctors at our clinic are expert in effectively healing any work-related injuries you may sustain so that you are ‘back to yourself in no time at all!’

How do we do it?

“Well all of that is great that you claim to be the best workers compensation in Arlington, TX, but what makes you the experts in this area?” This a natural and excellent question for you to be asking because you naturally want only the best medical care when you are hurt on the job! The magic of our ability to deliver the best care to those hurt on the job lies in our approach to their treatment. We are unique in terms of workers compensation clinics because we actually treat our patients like real people in that we will assign you to a caring, experienced, and competent workers compensation case manager when you become one of our patients. This manager will ask you detailed questions regarding your injury so that he or she can find the best workers compensation doctor who will be best able to treat your work-related injury. This doctor(s) will then accurately diagnose your injury and use the best in medical practices, and medical equipment, and technology to safely and effectively heal you to restore you back to your healthy and vibrant self! Your case manager will become your advocate who will act as a liaison between you, your employer, and your claims adjuster to ensure that you get the best treatment available at the lowest cost, both to you (in terms of out-of-pocket expenses), and to your employer!

Did you know that you can lose your workers compensation benefits if you don’t file your claim properly?

That’s right, you can lose your benefits if you don’t file your claims injury in the correct and legal way. We make sure that this never happens to you by having our worker’s compensation case manager act as a team with you. This professional and advocate will guide you through every step of the process for filing a workers compensation claim to make sure that you receive the treatment and benefits you want and need. Benefits pertaining to workers compensation injuries may be stipends and allowances your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy will allow to you should you be unable to work for a certain period of time – you will not be paid by your employer during this period, and your bills will pile up which you will have to pay! You don’t want your water to be shut off simply because a job-related injury kept you at home for six weeks!

As a final note

You should choose Superior Injury Care because our professionals: from our doctors to our office and support staff, and our case managers actually care about your welfare and will fight for your perfect recovery and rights in every way possible!