How bad is gossip for you?

Many dreams lurk in our brains, and some graphics reproduce our most primitive desires. Like the totem of primitive tribe, these figures all have their specific meanings. Because different graphics represent different demands. The same, choosing different patterns can tell how damaging gossip is to you. Which graphics would you choose?

  1. Regular triangle
  2. Round
  3. Square
  4. Del operator

Test results:

  1. You may get upset for a short time because of rumors, but it won’t take long for your mood to settle down. Such little things will not break you down. Because there are other, more important things to do in your life that can distract you. And for those rumors, which have no evidence, will disappear with the passage of time. For you, it’s as if these things never happened.
  2. You hate to be misunderstood, and if you hear false rumors about yourself one day, you will be so angry that you will take it to heart. But you are gentle and stand aloof, and you do not take the initiative to explain yourself to others. Most of the time you’ll choose to swallow your pride, but it will only make people less and less trust you.
  3. You can adapt well to all kinds of environments. Because no matter how difficult the problem, you can take it in stride and find the right way to deal with it. It’s fair to say you’re immune to gossip. Gossip is your after-dinner conversation.
  4. You are an extremely self-centered person who thinks only of yourself and not of others. You think you don’t have to worry about the gossip, because it will disappear by itself anyway.