Feet Care

The Feet Need Warm

Do you have ways to protect our feet? Do you know them cold? The study is showing when the feet temperature is about 20 to 30┬░will make people feel best} So, as it dropped, please take good action to keep the best temperature about feet. For instance, socks of the relatively good ability of keeping warm or wear the shoes with woolen is your best choice.

Cotton slippers which wrap your feet are good for keeping warm inside. When you are in the low temperature, put your feet warm. You can do some sports such as walk and walk in the same round or do some vacillate and move your toes about 10 minutes. Strength sports and wash feet in hot every in the long time, only in this way we can protect our feet free from disease and premature senility.

We need pay more attention on the sugar diabetes patients’ feet. It is one of the most seriously and terribly disease, that is, “sugar diabetes feet”. Sugar diabetes feet are caused by complex results among peripheral nerve disorder, capillary disorder, great vessels disorder and bad circumstance and other factors. If it comes at the second time. The patient will be face with amputation or even lose life because of complex treatment and huge difficulties.

So that, the patient should wear loose cotton padded shoes and often change socks. They also keep feet clear and dry and use 45┬░ hot water to wash feet for 15minutes every day so that can help resist cold and promote local blood circulations To prevent falling down at the same time and have a positive mind to treat. You avoid tearing the feet skin or scratch the toes with the hands. You can prevent skin from not being hurt to get purulent infection. We should give more carefulness to our feet in order to make them heath free from diseases and cold. We use it relief tiredness by this way.

The following are a common foot disorders and control the methods of handling. Stamping on protuberant is the best way to solve the problem. Then come again and two feet take turns.

Our feet are able to be given more love by us. Keep warm starts from our feet. The feet are our most parts of our body and then we are supported to take attend them carefully. If you want to have a good body, you must protect your feet well from being cold. All of us need a warm and happy home and our feet also want one home like us Please treat our feet well. We need health go with us not cold. We should give our feet more care at our best.