Preventing the most common football injuries

Football is one of the world’s most beloved sports, with players of all ages taking part at all levels. But, like all sports, the potential for injury is there. It shouldn’t put you off playing, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind as many of the injury risks football presents are preventable. If you […]

Skin Care

Top 5 tips for glowing Skin

Are you one those who wants the radiant glow of from your teenage period back? Has the frantic lifestyle sucked you out of that brilliance that you once had? Or are you one those unfortunate who was born in a pollution filled environment? Your skin is what you wear daily and a flawless, silky, smooth […]


The importance of temperature control in sports centres

At a gym or leisure centre, clients are probably expecting to sweat a bit, be it with a workout or a trip to the sauna. In order to avoid overheating, a well-maintained air conditioning unit can help during a rigorous exercise regime in order to improve performance. But what temperature should your gym maintain? What […]

Health and Fitness

North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans

North Dakota Medicare Supplement plans fill in the gap between what the government program, Original Medicare, will cover and the actual medical expenses left up to the beneficiary to pay. With health care costs always on the rise, a supplement policy will give comfort in knowing that your finances are protected. Depending on the letter […]